Ok I’m not bothering with bgs or sidebar images at the moment so I’ll do it probs tomorrow..

So I finished Kill la Kill last night

Nui fullview
Ryuuko fullview

March 29 2014

more character ideas?? Maybe?? She’s an interstellar sailor alien girl idk this was partly inspired by Mighty Milky Way

I made too a character design I REALLY like, she has no name yet though and I don’t know what to do with her ahahha ha ha……. I think I’m just gonna draw her doing stuff and dumping it all here 

Some gijinkas too;; Frillish are so cute

and nagas + pokemon hell yea

March 25 2014

Also a qt Jirachi to cheer up everyone’s day

Continuing with the sketchbook-dump, more or less monster girls

March 25 2014

Dumping everything I finally bothered to scan, there’s stuff from like 2 months ago orz

here some jojos